Determinant Features for Looking for a good Web Hosting Service Provider


To begin with, knowing what you want is key to getting what you want; it would even increase the chances of your getting a greater bargain on the webhosting services. Therefore it is important to evaluate your business, personal or corporate needs before finding the right match of a webhost. There are those webhosts which can support small business and may not be able to support heavy traffic or bigger files on their systems. The other advantage with knowing what you want is that you can be able to access your product specific service; this means better value from the product due to the focus given to the specific niche. The webhosting companies usually take time to improve on their products and if they match your business, you can be sure to benefit.

Here are a number of standard features that would be important to consider;

1.    Available disk space

Before picking on any offer, evaluate the amount of data you want to store. Several gigabytes would be ok for small firms. Caution should be taken in cases where one is not sure. Most companies advertise with ‘unlimited disk space’, again one should be cautious enough to be sure. Go over the terms and conditions, this could only be true only when you are in the normal usage for the given webhosting company. And if their normal usage is small, you may find yourself in trouble before end of your contract with the company.

2.    Available Bandwidth

Bandwidth is very important. Let us take a scenario here; if your website is 1MB of data and your monthly bandwidth is 10MB, and if every one of your pages is 1MB, then it may mean that you will only have ten people opening your page. Beyond that, they may not be able to access your site or you may need to pay some more for the extra usage. Bandwidth refers to the total amount of data uploaded and downloaded on your site per month.

Again just like mentioned for the disk space, you need to be cautious with the hidden implications of statements made by web hosting companies before you commit into anything.

3.    Domains and sub-domains

Domains refer to the number of sites one is able to host in a given account. Once one has their business running, you may discover you need more than one site. Getting separate accounts for each site could mean additional cost and time. There are sites which provide for ‘unlimited’ domains, be sure to clarify. Knowing the number of domains available for you is good for planning how you explore the hosting.

4.    E-mail

This is very critical for every business given it is the way to facilitate communication. You may want to know how many e-mail accounts you will be allowed to set up and if such features as POP or IMAP.

5.    Database

There are features that support databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL server. MySQL would be enough for anyone but it is good to go for what your business needs.

6.    Technical support

Every person needs help and therefore at some point you may need help. It is important that you ascertain the level of technical support that would be extended to you.

There are so many features that if put to proper use will surely give great returns to the business owners. Here is a list of the features;

Shell Access
.htaccess file
Cron jobs
Language support
Free adwords
Choice of OS
Up time
Mobile support
Easy install

All the above complement each other with other basic features to get an overall fantastic performance for the users of webhosting.

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