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Each individual values their identity especially when it is of business value. In the webhosting world, a business name is called a domain. It is used to identify different entities on the internet; it is your address on the internet. No two people can have the same address and so no two people can share a domain name.

The growing number of internet users has seen greater competition in the domain names business. Getting a simple and unique domain name based on the dictionary is difficult because many of them have already been taken up and are in use. The recent past has seen such items as .net, and .org no longer being able to meet the demand, the government is now calling upon companies to come up with other items such as .church, .TV and .CHAT among others to meet the competition. What this tells every interested party in webhosting is that once you have a good domain name, take time to build it as it is your brand name for the internet business.

Coming up with a domain name

Greater interest is needed while coming up with a domain name. It is important that you come up with catchy words or phrases that are easy to remember. Keep it short, simple and catchy. It is recommended that a domain name is 5 to 25 characters long. You will also need to tailor your domain name to your business or area of interest and make it relevant.

For instance, when you are doing a website that addresses family issues, you could have such a domain name as ‘heavenlyhomes.com’ it is short and calls on the inside desire of individuals to have a great home. It would be unlikely for a website owner to use ‘greatdance.com’ as a domain for the same site as it is not relevant.

In order to avoid brand problems, it is good that you take care of spelling issues. For instance, consider a website with the following domain name; ‘Doris special dinner restaurant’, it would be hard for your users to determine whether it is ‘dorisspecialdinnerrestaurant.com’ or ‘dorispecialdinnerrestaurant.com’ or any other version of it. You therefore need to get a very precise name that will not bring about spelling issues. Our first example ‘heavenlyhomes.com’ limits any such issues as spelling problems.

Registering your domain name

You can either register your domain name by yourself or have your internet service provider register one for you. If you choose to register a domain name by yourself, you will need to choose a register. Be vigilant to make sure the registrar is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar. Otherwise you may get dubbed by those fraudsters in the market. And even when your service provider offers to do it on your behalf, make sure it is a credible business.

You need to make sure that all your information is captured correctly. Things to watch out for include; the administrative and billing contacts, you are the registrant, and most critical is that your e-mail address is active.

Most web hosting companies offer domain registration services in their package for web hosting. The advantage of registering through web hosting companies is that they have greater experience registering domain names. This gives them wisdom, contacts and experience that will make the process safe, cheap and with less stress related to it. Some may even offer advice on how to get a good domain name!

Given the great competition in the web hosting business, the prices for a domain name have greatly reduced and you can now get one at a very low price.

Renew your domain registration in time

It is important that you renew your registration at least two weeks to the end of your registered term. Failure to which may lead to your losing of your domain name. You can imagine what a loss it would be having taken time to build your brand online.

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