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iPage was established in 1998 at Santa Monica, California, ipage.com is known as the business hosting web site for businesses that are run out of the home to businesses with a large office downtown.iPage hosting is focusing on putting together the perfect hosting plan for any and all small/medium-sized websites.Their hosting is an affordable, wise choice for new bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

The ipage goal is to innovate and provide advanced, quality products and solutions, along with the industries leading customer service and support, all for affordable prices.
Part of the ipage management team focuses on facing the challenges brought on by growth and the other part focuses on the company’s position.The company understands that a significant part of their future success will be centered on continuously satisfying their existing customer base.

iPage Hosting Reliability:

iPage utilizes Dell hosting servers and employs staff to monitor them 24/7 and ensure that any problems are fixed before customers are affected.
iPage is able to provide 99.9% uptime, which is guaranteed by the company. This is essential for any business websites, your clients may access your site anytime and if your site is down, this creates a really bad image about your company. Beside the very good server up-time, their dedicated support is ready to help you with any issues at anytime.

iPage Hosting Value:

iPage Hosting has one of the best price on a basic shared hosting account.iPage hosting offering hosting plan at $3.50/month which is cheapest when we compare features with other hosting provider. Their Essential Hosting package offers all the features that a small to medium sized business website needs: unlimited space and bandwidth, business email accounts and databases, plus $500 worth free extras.
Free suits include Marketing Suit worth $300, Security Suit worth $100, Design Suit worth $50 and Support Suit worth $50. Ipage hosting also offering Anytime money back Guarantee!

Ipage Hosting Cpanel:

iPage use a very popular hosting control panel, vDeck. The main feature of this control panel is the usability and simplicity. It is well structured, users can easily manage their domains and websites, can create databases, email accounts and email forwarders, or install their favorite scripts.

The iPage hosting control panel allows a user to upload files easily as well as change the password and check the site email. But users can also monitor the space that they’ve used on their web site in order to make any changes that are necessary.

The control panel is very user friendly, though for those that aren’t computer literate or at least semi-competent, some of the language might be difficult to understand. There is some computer ‘speak’ in this control panel, but any questions are quickly and easily answered by one of the many customer service attendants.

iPage Hosting Support:

iPage Support team are able to help you with any issues regarding your hosting account.As iPage support team actually knows what they’re talking about. A friendly voice as well as automated service is available, but you’ll find yourself choosing to talk to someone in person so that your questions can be answered quickly and completely. The support team is professional; they are able to find solution for any major issues very fast. You can contact iPage day and night, calling them, sending email tickets or using their live chat. For technical questions we recommend using the phone line or emails.

iPage Uptime/downtime:

TopTenHostings Recommend iPage for being one of the best web hosting companies to have a great server uptime. iPage, just like most other web hosts, offers a 99.9% server uptime. Their hosting servers are reliable and responsive to traffic 24/7. iPage uses a unique server architecture called “server pooling”. This basically means that iPage uses multiple servers and splits their resources for each customer. If one server is to go down, the others will kick in and cover the downed server.
iPage offer a full refund of the hosting package within 30 days (not applied to addons) and anytime partial refund during your subscription period if you facing downtime issue with them.

iPage DataCenters:

iPage utilizes two data centers in the Boston, MA area. Combined, they occupy over 2400 square feet of space, comprised of over 800 Servers and half a Petabyte of storage. Each center is equipped with:

24×7 security
Both data centers run on N+1 power (both A/C and D/C)
and have the same network architecture and equipment.


iPage hosting is recommended for individuals in need of affordable web hosting with good uptime. Their hosting plan is simple and cheap. Unlimited hosting and an easy to use vDeck control panel allows a simple and decent solution for individuals to host their website.

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  • User's Rating:

    Uptime / Reliability - 70%
    Support / Service - 90%
    Server / Network Speed - 90%
    Price / Value - 100%
    Features / Addons - 100%

    Summary: This host seems Outstanding



    Uptime problem

    Good about this host

    Good support, but sometimes you have to wait about 30 mins.
    Good email service.
    Strong PHP

    Bad about this host:

    in the last 30 days from 24/10/2012 to 23/11/2012: my total downtime is: 7h 45m. they down 45 times - checked by pingdom.com

    oh my god !

    Bottom Line

    ok. If you want a cheap hosting, i don't think this hosting is cheap. Its price and hostgator are the same.

    Downtime usually happen once a day.
    But their PHP are strong enough for my website.
    Do you think this review is helpful?

    Nov 23,2012

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Ipage web hosting Review